About us

The Idea

SunSource Energy was born with a dream – of the entire world running on clean energy. Thus, we envisioned building solar and clean energy assets around the world, in line with global standards. We started in 2010 in a living room office in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Our journey since then has been spectacular. We were among the first wave of solar companies in India at that point of time, and have since established ourselves as a strong player in India’s hyper-competitive solar space.

In a sense, the genesis of the company way back in 2001, when the Co-Founders were in the same masters programme in solar engineering at University of Massachusetts. Years later in 2009, the Co-Founders collaborated on behalf of their respective companies on solar projects, and started discussing a return to India to set up a solar business.

Fast forward to today, our years of success have helped SunSource move beyond Indian borders. Today we are an emerging solar enterprise, with operations in South East Asia and U.S.A. In 2015, SunSource started its venture in South East Asia. In time, even as we consolidate in our current geographies, we aspire to mark our presence in other regions across the globe.

At SunSource, we are committed to the idea of sustainability. We sincerely promote and practice the green way of life. We are not here just to promote solar power but also to endorse energy conservation, such that coming generations may have comparatively better lives with abundant clean energy available, as well as most of nature’s bounty that is available to us today. We have set ourselves the task of not only providing our customers solar electricity but also of seeding in them the idea of a green lifestyle. We believe it is our responsibility to protect our mother planet, and as an organisation we work every day towards this goal with conviction.


Why SunSource?

SunSource Energy develops, engineers, procures, constructs, and operates solar power plants and projects, to help clients in institutional, industrial, commercial and non-profit sectors use solar energy more intelligently and efficiently.

The commitment we bring to our work, the quality of service we bring to our clients, the positive contribution we make to sustainable development in India and the world, and the long-term value we create through the high quality solar assets we build for our clients, have helped us in gaining respect in the solar industry across the globe.

SunSource has kept adding to the decades of global solar experience brought in by its Co-Founders. It today offers a fully equipped team of over 90 professionals with experience in developing and building quality solar power plants in India and abroad, ranging from off-grid solar home systems to MW-scale grid-connected plants.

To recap the reasons why you can choose SunSource with peace of mind:
  • We bring the experience of delivering more than 100 projects across the globe, with a footprint in several countries and nearly 18 Indian states.
  • As a globally active solar expert, we are always collaborating with top local-market professionals to understand the gaps in the respective domestic markets and co-engineer innovative solar solutions.
  • Our mythology at the project level is specific and methodical:
    • We keep the larger picture of our client’s business requirements in focus while understanding and analysing the needs of all our clients. This helps us develop the right solution, which fits into the client’s requirements.
    • We then custom-engineer each solution keeping the uniqueness of the site and client requirements in mind.
    • We leverage our global solar project experience, and wherever appropriate, deploy the latest advances in technology such as the latest installation techniques, system topologies, etc.
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  • Our comprehensive understanding of solar and clean technology helps us get an edge. We work with multiple solar PV technologies including crystalline silicon and thin film to find situation-specific suitable solutions.

Our founders started the company on the premise of bringing global best practices to India. Today, the entire team is exposed to the best of solar innovations and applications available globally. We work hard to carve out unique technological approaches for solar plants in diverse geographies, which solve the problems with appropriate technology, cost-effectively. Read More

Having an understanding of diverse solar technologies from across the globe gives us an outright advantage over component manufacturers who insist on selling their specific pre-defined technology, and over regional firms who have a formulaic approach to getting work done.

do we
do it?

Embarking on a solar project involves many technical considerations such as selecting optimised solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, tilt, azimuth, metering and monitoring for your specific site, as well as commercial choices including policy approach, equity and debt funding, and ensuring that the benefits are fully realised over the lifetime of the system, minimising the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) for the end customer.

We strongly believe that both technical and commercial decisions are vital and interlinked, and that making the right choices for your project determines whether your investment will generate the desired level of positive returns, and realise the benefit of LCOE minimisation. We help you make the right decisions, and then execute them fully.

From planning and feasibility to the turnkey handover of photovoltaic systems, SunSource Energy is a one point destination for complete solar solutions.

The SunSource Advantage

Tailor-made solutions:
  • Our approach is to clearly identify your problem as well as constraints. In most cases, it is the cost of electricity, and we are experts at solving that problem for you. But when there are other constraints, we work with those constraints and needs and craft the right solutions.
  • We believe in benefiting our customers by giving an ROI which strikes a balance in meeting the energy goals and the cost involved.
  • We smartly work to minimise the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of your solar plant.
  • We strive to deliver solar assets that can truly provide you with long-term utility and energy independence.
Experience & Knowledge:
  • Our solar design team delivers regularly for the global market and is consistently in sync with the emerging technology trends across the globe.
  • Our team stands out with decades (and over 1 GW) of experience in solar photovoltaic system design, engineering and/or installation, as well as project development.
  • Our global relationships and certifications help us in staying aware and involved in developing solar projects using state-of-the-art solar system implementation techniques.



  • India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), with verification from CRISIL, India, has recognized SunSource as a Channel Partner with the highest rating of ‘1A’.
  • We are an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company.
  • We have been accredited by the Department of Small Scale Industries (SSI) and SMERA, a collaborative credit rating agency, National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), D&B and other leading banks, which enables us to raise bank loans at competitive rates.

Management Team

Our core team consists of people who dream of making our world sustainable. They want to contribute significantly to make the world a greener habitat. Our team is an interesting mix of thought leaders, technology experts, solar energy scholars and renowned professionals. Presenting a few of them in detail.

Adarsh Das
CO-founder and CEO


Kushagra Nandan
CO-founder and President

Kaupind Shah
US Business Operations

Deepak Khetarpal
COO, South-East Asia

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