We provide comprehensive services to solar power plant developers, which include the following major actions and sub-steps:

Analytical/Engineering/Support Services

  • Feasibility analysis of your site and requirements
  • Preliminary Engineering to assess capital cost and the project’s commercial feasibility, including bidding cost if needed
  • Documentation to assist with Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation and submission
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Turnkey Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) Services

  • Detailed Engineering to suit your site and project, with an added aim to minimise Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) for you over the project lifecycle
  • Component selection, costing, and procurement plan
  • Component logistics and receipt at site
  • Contracts for labour
  • Project management of all activities leading to successful plant commissioning
  • Punch list completion, SCADA commissioning and handover-takeover actions

O&M Services, typically consisting of one or more of the following

  • Transfer of as-built drawings and diagrams to your facilities staff
  • Remote monitoring and pre-emptive maintenance of power plants (for larger projects)
  • Scheduled, regular maintenance work such as cleaning of panels, in one of various ways
  • Training of your facilities staff for regular maintenance work
  • Deployment of our own personnel for performing the same work (for larger projects)
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Institutions and Industries (Decentralised/Rooftop plants)

Personalised Expertise
At the core of our approach towards crafting and delivering solar solutions is our relationship with you. As an institution we understand your constraints with budgets, and the need to be efficient in terms of utilising your teams, operational costs, and allocating capital. Each time your electricity grid-connection goes off due to load-shedding, and each time your Diesel Generator (DG) set has to be turned on, your organisation goes through losses in efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. Here we come in the picture to serve your purpose.

We not only believe that solar can be the apt solution for most of your needs, we custom-engineer each solution keeping the uniqueness of your site and your conditions in mind. Each time we design a solution for you, we also leverage our global solar project experience, and wherever appropriate, the latest advances in technology, the latest installation techniques and system topologies.

Your PV systems can be installed on rooftops and/or on the ground wherever unobstructed sunshine at an appropriate angle is available. Although simple in concept, creating the best value for our clients requires careful optimisation to maximise energy production and reliability, as well as careful design, sourcing and execution to minimise Levelised Cost Of Energy (LCOE). If your preference is to not invest your capital into a solar asset, we bring third party capital (Opex model) to your project – having already brought such investments successfully to nearly 20 projects across India.

Given our extensive experience, we work with multiple solar PV technologies including crystalline silicon and thin film. We don’t adopt a one size fits all approach. Instead, we derive the solutions after studying the requirement in detail and then designing feasible technological solutions.

We deploy a team of experienced professionals on site, with a dedicated and seasoned project manager to oversee the entire process. We train and work on a regular basis with disciplined professionals of high calibre to ensure quality and reliability.

In short, our approach is to be truthful to you and to the cause of a sustainable energy future for India.

Developers and Independent Power Producers (MW plants)

The world needs clean solar energy. You are ready, with land, capital, and liaison ability. You’re looking to enter the solar industry and start to build and run your own solar assets.

Personalised Expertise
We are prepared to help you flesh out and build out your solar plans. From helping you clarify your own ideas, navigate technology options, understand financial returns and sensitivities, to creating a concrete plan building on your strengths, and to helping with financing, we can help make your solar ideas become a reality, beyond mere EPC.

Finally, when the time comes (or if you’re ready now!) to build out your solar power plants through EPC, we can help you with end-to-end design and execution at site, ending in commissioning and testing, followed by lifelong O&M services.

Our approach is to be transparent and sincere to you in placing the facts in front of you, clarifying and letting you make the choices you deem fit for your requirements.