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SunSource Energy - Solar From the Core

SunSource Energy Power Perspective

India is in the process of evoiving a unique policy response to the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling on a complaint field by the US against Its National Solar Mission (NSM) that mandates a portion of photovoltic cells (PVC) and modules be procured locally.

The Modi government's ambitious plan og adding 1,00,000 MW of solar power by 2012 will succeed only if one of it's important components - 40,000 MW from roof-top solar - takes off. Some private solar power generation companies feel rooftop solar will grow in a big way.

Of late, the government has been stressing on renewable energy and some entrepreneurs have decided to take this mission forward. Adarsh Das, CEO and Kushagra Nandan, president and COO, SunSource Energy, talks about future of their company and solar power in India.

Solar was not an energy source being actively considered by Indians when Adarsh Das and Kushagra Nandan set up SunSource Energy with their own seed money after returning from the US in 2010.

SunSource Energy, solar power developers with expertise in rooftop installations for commercial and industrial establishments, is in talks with resident welfare associations to sign power purchase agreements.

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