SunSource works with strategic partners across the globe to spread the right way to live the solar way of life. If you would like to participate in the ongoing solar revolution, you are welcome to join us, in one of many ways.

Our belief in decentralised systems extends to the way we do business:

  • Market Partners: We have a global yet local approach. We believe in co-utilising what you know well, your local market and industry, and the specific needs and traditions of that context, along with what we know well, which is solar technology and project development. Together with our partners, we have served the needs of many communities, areas, and local economies well, and we would love to partner with you to serve your needs and to once again create economic value for all stakeholders.
  • Technology & Vendor Partners: We believe in adapting global best practices to evolve local engineering solutions that are suited to specific projects and markets. Additionally, our solutions and designs always must be implemented at site, i.e. locally. Thus, we actively seek partnerships with local technology providers and service providers to accomplish the best possible outcomes. In any new market, we look forward to partnering with a consistent, long-term set of vendors and partners and work repeatedly for mutual value.
  • Our Clients as Partners: We believe in learning from and evolving with our customers – we cannot bring about a solar revolution without your contribution.We have no hesitation in admitting that your questioning, concerns and doubts have always motivated us to do better, enhance our solutions, and make us more effective at what we do.

So reach out through one of the following forms, if you meet the following preconditions:

  • Have working knowledge of your local area’s energy needs, socio-economic realities, industrial or commercial clusters, and would like to provide real, long-term energy solutions to your friends, family, neighbours.
  • Are/have already engaged in manufacturing/marketing/sales of related products/services that you believe can be utilised in solar power plants and projects.
  • Are interested in joining and abetting the solar revolution across any part of India by utilising it.