Turnkey EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Services)
Our Core offering

  • Site Assessment
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financing Support
  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Procurement As Per Design
  • Logistics & Site Deployment
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Performance Optimisation

We are experts in executing your solar project on a ‘turnkey’ basis, taking complete responsibility for detailed engineering, supply, and start up and connection to your loads and power system. After commissioning and testing, we delegate the solar power plant to the operation and maintenance team. Our understanding of solar technology, track record and extensive global network allow us to deliver projects with globally benchmarked solar design and execution, within stipulated timeframes and cost, creating lifelong assets for your benefit.

Delivering solar power plant assets that last you a lifetime takes careful design, planning and execution. We take into account a large number of variables including site conditions, supply chain and market conditions, and the customers’ specific financial and institutional needs. During execution, our trained personnel are on-site to ensure that the plant is built as designed, and that on-site mobilisation, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning go as planned.

We also offer our clients complete Operations & Maintenance services at par with global standards, ensuring high performance ratios, which in turn enable our clients to get maximum returns on projects over system lifetimes.

EPC and Advisory Services

As a project developer and investor, and as a solar energy user, you face many choices and challenges throughout the project’s development. While the steps and milestones are similar for developing solar projects, each project is unique in terms of constraints, time lines and the specific development plan.

At SunSource Energy, we offer holistic services, which in addition to turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for solar projects, include engineering and development advisory. The deep experience of our team helps us in providing project development, engineering and execution experience to each project, from inception till completion. Working with you, we find the most effective path to project completion, while meeting quality, time and cost parameters.

Having delivered more than 100 successful projects with large variations in mounting, shading, climates, etc., we can ensure the best-fit components and integration, which in turn ensures durability and better performing solar projects. This should give you comfort as a Developer/Owner: With all your specific requirements for your project, our team has your requirement covered!

Examples of diversity of solar projects undertaken by our team include
  • 32 MW ground mounted plant at a site on hilly terrain.
  • Over 10 MW of rooftops with a good deal of diversity, including variations in
    • Sizes, ranging from several MW to less than 100 kW.
    • Mounting: across industrial sheds, concrete rooftops with fastened and non-penetrating ballasted structures, rooftop canopies, parking structure canopies, and of course, simple ground mounts.
    • Design topologies, ranging from simple grid-tie behind the meter, grid-tie to the discom, grid-DG-tie, solar-plus-storage mini grid, and off-grid solar water pumping and purification coupled with bio toilets.
    • Remote Monitoring

Design Engineering

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Having a strong team of solar design veterans helps us carve out the best engineering approach for each unique project. We have a separate department which keeps investigating design engineering innovations in the solar industry globally and evaluates the applicability of the same in our projects.

We have proven technical experience, deep relationships with local and global suppliers and strategic partners, supply groups, economic resources, and a skilled, highly motivated and experienced team to undertake and implement international and domestic solar projects. The result is that we have built multi-MWs of grid connected solar PV plants, performing at or exceeding energy generation and performance estimates.

Project Site Diagnostics/Feasibility Assessment

Bring us an under-development plant or your particular energy availability/cost problem, where you believe solar could help provide a solution: our team of veterans can help.

Solar PV plants face numerous challenges pre/post commissioning which may disturb the total energy output of the plant. We can perform a site review, supplemented if required with a site visit, and help you get complete information, the best possible solution, and the desired output from your plant.


We use best-in-class performance optimisation and diagnostic tools to assess your plant’s performance vis-a-vis various benchmarks, which help us to analyse and monitor the entire performance of the solar PV plant. Our adept team can

  • Review Drawings
  • Review Expected Performance
  • Do an On-Site Detailed Audit of Plant Benefits for your conditions (as required)
  • Recommend Improvements in Plant Performance & Financial Returns

Owner's Engineer

On certain projects, we have worked with developers/banks and financial institutions to deliver the most technically sound and financially successful projects to our clients. SunSource’s technical knowledge and world-class insights of solar design practices and methodologies help to provide unique insights regarding issues that are critical for a project’s success, as well as validation and verification that the work stays on track.

We provide complete technical and financial guidance starting from the inception of the project till its commissioning.


Few selected services in the OE role include:

Design Phase

  • Review of EPC Contract Work
  • Recommendations/Suggestions on Design
  • Review of Contract
  • Complete checking of design calculations, drawings and design approaches
  • Validation and go-ahead for all ongoing works

Execution Phase

  • Periodic visits to the site during excavation to report on Work Status, Progress, Quality and Adherence Design
  • Representation of Client on site during Commissioning
  • Validation of Final Documentation of Site ‘as built’

Smart application of the solar technology

Off-Grid Projects

Off grid systems are stand-alone systems which are independent of the grid and are used for captive consumption. These generally require batteries to store energy, and power ‘dedicated’ electrical loads. These systems are mostly used for areas where there is no grid availability or frequent electricity cuts. For off-grid systems, the Indian government under JNNSM policy provides a 30% capital subsidy. As a ministry empaneled MNRE channel partner, SunSource Energy can avail the subsidy directly from the Central government for you, ensuring that you only pay the non-subsidy component of the system price. Business models for off-grid projects are

  • Self Investment – Captive Use
  • Loan – Captive Use

To discuss your specific requirement further, please contact us.

Grid Connected Projects

Grid connected systems (kW to MW sized) are power plants which are directly connected and synchronised to the utility grid. These systems do not have batteries. Any surplus power generated is fed back into the grid. Central and State level support and long-term policy framework are creating a market for solar electricity. Certain business models under which you can undertake grid-connected projects include:

  • Invest, Own, Sell Power to Electricity Board
  • Invest, Own, Sell Power and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to Third Parties
  • Provide Land and Rooftop to the above Investors

For further details, you can contact us.